The perfect vehicle for large or small moves in Boise, the Treasure Valley, or beyond.

Our skilled professionals know how important it is to safely secure your items. Moving doesn’t have to be a stressful time. Let us eliminate the hassle for you!

Trucks we have available

  • 16 foot truck: The cube is 792, the weight limit is 3,100 pounds, and has a capacity of 3-4 rooms
  • 24 foot truck: Cube is 1138, the weight limit is 12,000 pounds, and has a capacity of 5-8 rooms
  • 26 foot truck: Cube is 1503, the weight limit is 14,000 pounds, and has a capacity of 6-9 rooms

We can answer any question you have

The truck sizes above are not an exact science. There are many exceptions to the rule. For example, we can’t always stack things on delicate furniture and garage or patio furniture often require additional trucks. Often times we need more trucks to carry what we call “overload stuff”. When it comes to man power, as a reference, moving 3-6 bedrooms require 2 trucks and between 3-4 men.