We offer hourly and customizable rates based on each job.

With ABC Moving you will be sure to get a trained professional mover every time–no day laborers.

Unlike most of our competitors, our rates are figured door to door, which means that no additional fees are charged for drive time. The meter begins when we arrive at your door and ends when the last box leaves our truck, which makes ABC Moving Company the most affordable company around.

We don’t hide behind fees and charges

  • Our Rates are Hourly and Customizable
  • We offer free drive time (first 30 minutes)
  • We hire directly, no day laborers
  • 3% off moving services for students, military, and seniors

Know what you’re paying up front

With ABC Moving Company, you never get stuck with a surprise bill because you know what you’re paying ahead of time. Our rates are reasonable and affordable and we offer packing services to save you time and stress.

Let our rates above help you decide what type of plan works best for you and your needs.