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Planning For A Summer Move

A stack of moving boxes; one is labeled “Kitchen”. A chair is visibly covered in a white sheet.

Summer is upon us, and now is the perfect time to make that move to your dream home! The kids are out of school, the weather is less temperamental, and you’re ready to start packing…and you are not alone!
Nearly 60% of moves in the United States happen each year between the months of May and August. So, how do you pull off that perfect summer move? We’ve compiled some tips to make it easier for you!

Call Your Moving Company Ahead Of Time

Again, summer IS the busiest time of year for movers, so scheduling your move ahead of time is going to be a big help, both for you and for the company! Call your local moving company with at least a few weeks’ notice if possible; it gives you more time to get organized and prepared, which is going to take a lot of stress off of your shoulders when it comes time for the big day.

Have A Yard Sale

A big part of moving is getting rid of the clutter. You’ve outgrown your old home, and probably quite a few things you’ve been holding onto, so now is the perfect time to let it go! Throwing a successful yard sale can not only help you eradicate some of the things you don’t need to bring along to your new life; it also can help give you a little extra cash for those decor upgrades or the takeout dinner while you unpack in your new home!

Remember Self-Care

This is important for any move, but especially in the summer! Summer months can bring HEAT, and Boise itself usually sees multiple days over 100 degrees. Remembering to hydrate, wear appropriate clothing, and cool down when you need to can be absolutely critical when moving in the summer months.
Make sure you have the AC on in your new home, or at the very least have fans at the ready, so that you can keep cool while moving things in. And don’t forget the sunscreen–our desert sun can be brutal and unforgiving if you don’t take precautions!

Plan For Traffic

Of course, it’s not just moving that increases in the summer. Regular summer activities–particularly road trips, vacations, camping, fishing trips, etc.–increase, too! Idaho is a popular outdoor adventure destination and has a lot to offer. As such, summer traffic increases in our state. The Treasure Valley, in particular, provides a healthy blend of urban and natural environments, with plenty to offer for nature enthusiasts and city lovers alike. Plan for traffic no matter what your move day is, and especially aim to avoid weekend or holiday moves!

Pack With A Plan

Aside from perishables, you probably have more than a few items that can be a little temperature-sensitive that you will want to pack for your trip. Electronics, cosmetics, candles, cleaning supplies, medications…all of these items likely will need to be kept somewhere that the temperature is more controlled if you’re traveling more than a few blocks. When you are packing, make sure to pack these items last and clearly label the boxes so that you can either pack them into your personal vehicle or have your movers load them last/unload them first from the moving truck.
If you’re ready to get started for your move this summer, give the team at Treasure Valley Movers a call!

The Importance Of Moving Insurance

We’re getting closer to our warm Idaho summer, and for many, that brings the potential for a new move! Peak moving season runs from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend (possibly because of school schedules), which means many families are gearing up to relocate or upgrade their living space.
When planning for your move, it’s important to plan for any scenario. This way, you don’t have to worry when the unexpected happens! That’s where moving insurance comes into play.

What is Moving Insurance?

As with health, home, or car insurance, moving insurance is a smart thing to have in your moving arsenal. Moving insurance is pretty self-explanatory: it protects your belongings in case of damages or loss during the moving process. You can’t predict the unexpected…but you can try to plan for a worst-case scenario.

Why Do I Need Moving Insurance?

Accidents and the unexpected can happen to even the most attentive and organized people, and the probability that something will go missing during your move is almost 100%. That’s why having protection in place to prepare for the potential lost or damaged items is so important! You never know when something could jostle loose in one of your boxes when driving over a pothole, or when something important will accidentally get slipped into a donation box at the last minute by mistake. It’s not anyone’s fault; sometimes these things happen!

Treasure Valley Movers Offers Moving Insurance

At Treasure Valley Movers, we want you to have the best moving experience possible. That’s why we make sure that we have everything you need to see your move happen without a hitch! No small part of that is our commitment to you and your family that your belongings will get where they need to go without mishap.
We offer multiple moving insurance plans to help ensure that you have peace of mind knowing that your precious items are protected. With our dedication and our 24/7 service, it’s no wonder that we are considered the best Boise movers.
If you or a loved one are considering a move, give us a call today for a free quote!

Spring Cleaning In Preparation For Your Move

Planning a move can be overwhelming. By breaking the preparation up into more manageable pieces, you can relieve some of the stress and enjoy the little things along the way!

Spring cleaning is an excellent place to start. When planning for a late spring or summer move, taking the time to deep clean in advance can significantly save you time later…and can even help you be more organized when the day comes for your local moving company to show up and get you on your way!

Get Organized

So you’re ready to clean, but you’re not sure where to start? Create a cleaning plan, and work through one room at a time. Start with the little things, move to the general clean up of the room, and save all the floors for last; this way you’re not tracking grime through the house and have to re-vacuum, sweep, or mop! Have an area to put donation items, recyclables, and trash.

The Art of Decluttering: Sort, Donate, and Ditch

When packing for a big move, sometimes it can be difficult to separate what items you need, what items you want, and what items you shouldn’t actually hold on to. Break this down into smaller bits, too, and the job will get easier!
Sort your “clutter” into smaller sections: what you know you want or need to keep, the things you know you can or want to get rid of, and the items that you might need a little more time to decide on. Set the ones you need to think about aside, and circle back to them once you’ve finished the rest of the room. It can give you some time to decide what the best decision for you might be!

Once you know what items you are getting rid of, go through them again. What can be recycled? What needs to be thrown away? And what can be donated? Take items to local thrift stores or shelters, or even contact a textile recycling company to get rid of those gently worn clothes and shoes you no longer need!

Don’t Forget the Details

Ditch those cobwebs in the corners of your ceiling. Dust door ledges. Clean under your appliances and furniture. Scrub the top and interior of your refrigerator. Clean inside your microwave. Wash your windows, vacuum your window screens, and clean your blinds. Wipe down your walls and cabinets. Use canned air on your electronics. Change the filter(s) in your HVAC. Replace those burnt out light bulbs. Shampoo your carpets or polish your tile or wood floor.

Getting these details done now will save you time later when you just have to do a touch up in these areas instead of the deep clean when you have a million other things to take care of!

Getting Ready for the Move

As you go along, consider packing non-essential items such as extra clothes, books, and knick-knacks, and storing them until you can get into your new home. This will save you more time later when you don’t have to pack the small things at the last minute!

When you’re ready to start looking for a local moving service in Idaho, contact Treasure Valley Movers for a free quote! With affordable pricing and flexible scheduling, we’re ready to help make your move the smoothest you’ve ever had. We’ll sweat the big stuff, so you don’t have to!

Moving to the Treasure Valley

Being one of the most popular destinations to move to, Boise is growing every single day. We see this first hand with all of the new apartment complexes and homes rapidly being built to accommodate the newcomers. But why are people moving here and where are they moving from?

Where Are They Coming From?

The state of California has been a popular conversation here in the Treasure Valley as we start to see more California license plates on our highways. However, this is not the only state that people are coming from. Other popular states are Washington, Oregon, Utah, and even Texas. Here were the overall averages of people moving to Boise from each state in the year of 2018:

  • California had about 21,000+ people
  • Washington had about 14,000+ people
  • Utah had around 6,000+ people
  • Oregon had around 4,000+ people
  • Texas had about 1,000+ people

So, in reality, Idaho is attracting people from all over the nation, not just California!

Why Are People Moving to Idaho?

Why are people all of a sudden just packing everything up and moving to Idaho? There are many reasons! Idaho is simply just more affordable for those who have lived in the west coast states; people can more comfortably afford to live here and not have to worry about losing their homes. But money is not the only reason to choose Boise.
You simply cannot beat the location of our City of Trees! You have all four seasons, over 200 days of sunshine a year, and the beautiful river that runs right through downtown. You have city life, mountain life, and outdoor life all in one when you live here in the Treasure Valley. The wilderness is right in your backyard while only being a few minutes from downtown!

The community is growing and with that, so is the economy. When it comes to moving out of state there’s a lot to think about. It can be stressful moving 30 minutes down the road, let alone across state lines. But it can all be worthwhile in the end.

Boise’s Treasures

The downtown scene is thriving here in Boise. The restaurants, nightlife, and entertainment are growing now that Boise is on people’s radar! One thing that makes our city special is all of the local beer and wine that is brewed and served locally. The food is on another level in downtown; local restaurants are some of the most popular spots to hit.
Boise also has a lot to offer that is outside the heart of the city.

For example, look north at the breathtaking foothills that are full of trails for runners, dog walkers, and mountain bikers. Living here makes you want to get outside and explore the beauty around you. These are all good reasons why people are so attracted to this beautiful state that we call home. If you too want to pack up and move to Boise or if you already have, then make sure to look into local moving companies to help you move right on in.

Out of State Moving

With Boise being one of the fastest-growing cities in the nation, we have a lot of newcomers that might be from right down the road or might be coming from across state lines. Moving can be a stressful process all on its own, but add moving from one state to another and it becomes even more of a process! Here are some tips and tricks to remember when you are planning on moving across the state lines. You want to make sure that your valuables are in good hands when making a big move!

Where to Start

Before you begin packing, you need to have a plan so that everything goes smoothly. The first thing you should do is research the area you are moving to; this way you are not shocked when you first arrive at your new home. When it comes to packing, you need to purge anything that is not necessary or can easily be replaced. Don’t just sweat the small things, but also take a look at the big stuff. That couch that you’ve had for decades that needs to go? Now is the time to say goodbye. By focusing on the bulky items that are harder to move, it will help you out later. A few more things you should do before packing up the car and getting on the road are:

  • Make sure your outdoor furniture is mold and bug-FREE!
  • Make a list of what to keep and a list of what to throw away.
  • Get the proper packing materials.
  • Save, save, save! Moving across state lines can be worth it, but can also be expensive.
  • Pack your breakables and valuables with extra padding to ensure nothing breaks.

These are just a few things to remember at the beginning of your moving journey. Another thing to check into is a local moving company that can help take the stress off of you. That way when you arrive you have people there to help! Doing this will help make your move-in much easier and exciting.

When you get to your destination

Whether your drive to your new home is long or short, moving is still exhausting. With that being said, there is no better feeling than finally making it to your new home. Hopefully, you are excited–and probably a little nervous, too! Once you get there, make sure you give yourself enough time to get everything unloaded and unpacked. Don’t try to do it all in one night; moving takes time and energy so make sure you don’t wear yourself out too much and give yourself adequate time to get settled. Remember that it takes time for a new home to come together. There is no need to rush!

Residential Moving Tips and Tricks

Moving can be stressful and very time-consuming. Between packing, purging, and selling your home all at one time it can be a lot to put on your plate. You never truly realize how much you own until you have to pack it up and try to move it.

The Moving Tips

One of the best things to do before you start packing is to start purging. Get rid of everything you will not need in your new home. The clothing you never wear, donate it. Doubles of everything like pots, pans, and utensils. Taking the time to get rid of things that you truly do not need will help you not have to pack as much in the end. After you purge you then need to be organized so that unpacking is not something you dread.

When packing up boxes make sure you label them so you know what is in them when it comes to unpacking. Packing up is the simple part, but unpacking is what we all dread the most. Next, you need to be smart about how you pack. Using boxes you already have means less money being spent on boxes that you do not need. So pack your valuables in boxes you already have lying around the house. These tips will help you not be as stressed when getting ready to move into your new home.

The Moving Tricks

Packing is not for everyone, some are just too busy and some are physically not capable of packing anymore. Moving out of one home into a new one means a whole new dynamic. The good news is that you have options when it comes to moving you can have the help that you need. The Boise area is the number one growing city in the United States which means that people are constantly on the move from one house to another.

Get the help you need when moving and take the pressure and stress off yourself. Moving companies have all the tools you need to get the job done when it comes to moving. Moving by yourself is time-consuming and can be costly if you do not have the proper materials to get the job done. Using a moving company in Boise allows you to take a step back and let the professionals get the job done.

The Purge

Now, when it comes to purging you need to know where to take everything. Some things just are not worth throwing away because they can be useful to someone else. Look up the local charities and donation centers that accept clothing and other objects.

Here are a few donation places in the Treasure Valley;

These are just some of the top places that you can donate clothing. All thrift stores and Goodwills will also take donations. If you are looking to donate items other than clothing like bicycles, for example, the Boise Bike Project is always looking for donations. Your trash is another person’s treasure so donate the items instead of throwing them out.

Moving Company in Boise

Treasure Valley Movers comes equipped with the perfect packing materials and transportation trucks to get you to where you need to be. As mentioned before, Boise is a rapidly growing city. Hire the best of the best while you can. With TVM’s 25 years of experience, you know you’re receiving top-notch moving services in Boise and surrounding areas.

Tips for Moving in the Winter

Wintertime is a time for holiday celebrations and fun outdoor activities. From skiing and skating to sledding and caroling, there are a lot of happy opportunities to have fun in the ice and snow— but moving isn’t one of those things that come to mind. In fact, a lot of people tend to avoid moving in the winter altogether, but there are a lot of reasons why you may consider a winter move.

Better Availability with Your Moving Company

Everyone knows that summer is a more popular time to move, and while the weather is nicer, your local moving company is likely also busier. Winter gives you greater flexibility in setting up times to have your items picked up and delivered to your new home, ensuring you are able to get settled in your new digs as quickly and comfortably as possible.

Easy to Get Time Off Work

For some people, the holidays also offer a time when it is easier to get away from the hustle of your work responsibilities. Especially if you are just making a cross-town move and not changing jobs, it is an easier period to get time off work so you can manage all the time-intensive aspects of moving. If you are relocating an office, the downtime in the holiday season can provide a great opportunity to move without interrupting too much of your regular workflow.

Less Road Traffic

While there are heightened travel days during the peaks of the holiday season, most of the time winter offers a moment where there is less traffic on the road. This can make moving, whether cross-country or just cross-town, less of a headache as you don’t have to fight with the masses. Keep in mind the best practices for driving in the winter, though, and make sure you keep you and your family safe.

Tips for Moving in the Winter

While there are some benefits to moving in the winter, there are definitely some hazards and things to be aware of. By taking a few extra precautions you can make sure you, your family and your movers stay safe in the moving process.

Keep Sidewalks and Driveways Clear

If there are icy or snowy conditions, make sure that you have cleared your sidewalks and your driveways. Not only does this make things safer and easier for your movers, but it helps keep down on what is getting tracked in and out of your home or apartment.

Watch the Weather

Keep an eye on the weather. Simple time changes and adjustments to your plan can often easily be accommodated for and make things easier on you and anyone who is helping with the move. If it looks like there might be precipitation, make sure you have plenty of towels or blankets to dry off and cover your fragile items as they are moved in.

Keep the Heat Off

When you are moving, there is a lot of traffic in and out of your home, and if you have the heater on you will be paying for a lot of heat, you won’t be keeping. Make sure that the heater is turned down or off, but also– don’t forget to turn it back on.

Be Hospitable to Your Moving Crew

Winter doesn’t provide the easiest condition for moving, so whoever you have helping should be greatly appreciated. Whether you have an army of friends or a paid moving company think of some things you can do to make things more enjoyable. Order hot coffee, supply some energy bars, maybe have a slow cooker of apple cider simmering– little things can make a big difference and make your move go that much better.

Your Local Boise Movers

Whether you are moving offices, or moving to a new home, Treasure Valley Movers has the team that will help make the move as seamless as possible. For commercial or residential moving services in Boise and the rest of the Treasure Valley, contact Treasure Valley Movers today.

Downsizing Moving & Packing Tips

Whether the little ones have left the nest or you’re moving into something more affordable, downsizing can still give you anxiety and cost you lots of time. If you’re hiring a moving company in Boise, consider the number of items you will need to have transported, and the amount of time it could save you. With these tips, we will help ensure that you are downsizing in the most effective way possible.

Start Big

Usually downsizing means that you are decreasing the number of rooms in your home. Start by selling off the big furniture pieces that were in one of the rooms. It can be tempting to keep all the beds, dressers, and lamps, but if you don’t have room to house them, then there is no point.

Measure It

A lot of properties will give you the square footage of the whole house, and some even break down the room sizes. If you’re lucky enough to have room measurements then be sure to measure the furniture you currently have to see if it will fit into the new space comfortably.

The Small Things

We started with getting rid of the bigger items, but don’t go throwing out all of your small items. Be tactful with the things you decide to sell. Things that have sentimental value should be held onto, along with items for daily use. If you keep thinking “I will use that at some point.” Don’t. Keep. If you haven’t used it in your bigger place, then you will likely not use it in your smaller place.

Looking to Make Money?

You may be downsizing, but that doesn’t mean it won’t cost you. Large expenses still plague the moving process. If you need a little extra help then don’t be afraid to hold a yard sale. If you don’t live in a particularly popular neighborhood for those, then consider joining local Facebook groups. There are many under the name of “Swip Swap” or “Buy, Barter, Sell.” Old-school street signage in nearby areas with more street and foot traffic never hurts either. These are all great ways to sell your things to people outside of your immediate area.

Storage Options

Your new place may have smaller closets, fewer built-ins, and fewer cabinets. Consider investing in furniture with sneaky storage. Ottomans are a great example of acting as a useful piece of furniture to kick up your feet, while also being a great place to store your extra pillows and blankets. I know you’re thinking about why you would need more furniture. But all of those blankets and pillows that were stored in that one closet in your current home, will need a new place to be.

Digital Age

Make use of the technology that is out there by turning your photos and memories into files on your computer. DVDs, CDs, and photo albums can take up a lot of space in your home. Plus, you can always turn them into physical copies later on after figuring out the amount of room you have. Computers, believe it or not, can also run out of the room. Luckily there are USB hard drives that can store a bunch of images and videos and can easily be put away because of their small size. If you’re thinking of getting someone a Christmas gift, consider this option.

Get Some Help

Hiring professional movers could provide you a bunch of stress relief. Even if you think you can move everything, timelines, budgets, and exhaustion can happen real quick. If you’re looking for moving companies in Boise, Treasure Valley Movers are the experts at what they do. They can also help you wrap and store your items safely within the boxes for extra insurance. Be sure that your moving company in Boise has insurance too, just in case anything were to happen down the road or during the unloading process.

So You Want to Move? Consider These Factors First

Stressful and time consuming are just a few words that describe moving. Whether it’s moving back home or moving away, it is a chore. Follow this checklist to ensure you’re prepped and ready to start your new life.

  • Research the Area
  • Price Check
  • Hire Movers
  • Local Events

Research the Area

Facebook Groups, Niche, Google Maps, Livability, or any other resource where you can research the opinions of others is very important. Turning a blind eye and only focusing on the nice homes and pretty scenery will not be an accurate representation of your everyday life. A lot of info and opinions from locals born and raised in the area is a powerful tool for finding where to settle. Before moving to the area you can learn the ins and outs of the city, where things are located, and how the locals treat each other.

Price Check

Shop around. Check Zillow,, and Craigslist for rent pricing. This factor plays into the first one because even though a place may be cheaper to live, it does not necessarily mean it is a safer area. You would be surprised by the cost of historic neighborhoods and new neighborhoods. Sometimes the older ones will cost more due to their reputation and proximity to the city.
Take Northend in Boise for example, with the popularity of the area and proximity to the city, it can be harder to find more affordable housing. You also run the risk of paying a pretty penny for a much older home/apartment, when five miles away you can pay the same amount for more space and updated appliances.
Price checking is not subjected to just rent prices. Some areas the utilities are lower, the gas is more affordable, and the public transit is cheaper. Depending upon what is most important to you, make a conscious effort to know before you settle.

Hire Movers

If we all had eight arms like an octopus, moving and packing wouldn’t be so difficult. Keep in mind your own level of strength, mentally and physically. It can be very taxing to compress everything into boxes and then carry them out to a vehicle or trailer. We have movers in Boise for that exact reason. Don’t feel ashamed, you need all hands on deck to make your life a little easier. They come loaded with all the right tools for keeping your belongings safe whether it’s for commercial or residential moving.
They are Tetris experts. Not only will they wrap your belongings, but they also will organize them in a way that is optimal for moving long distances. A lot of moving companies like Treasure Valley Movers have been in business for years. If anybody understands moving, it’s the companies that specialize in exactly that. Especially for larger families and those with disabilities, hiring movers can take a big weight off your shoulders.

Local Events

Is the place you’re moving to even your style? Check event calendars to find out what kind of events are a big deal in the community. Some places are more down-to-earth and others are more glitz and glam, that’s just the nature of some communities. Depending upon what scene you best fit in, you are going to find fun things to do, hopefully. Especially during the holidays there are pumpkin patches, holiday plays, and concerts to attend almost every week.
A great resource for finding niche events and local town gatherings is Instagram and Facebook. There are lots of events posted and promoted through these platforms. Especially if you are moving to a completely different town or state, start familiarizing yourself with the kind of events most people attend. In no time you will become like the locals because you will know where to go for food, plays, and shopping.